CSO Online in-depth article on Next-generation firewalls

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Excellent article on why your next network security purchase should be a next-generation firewall. As Palo Alto Networks says it, its time to “fix the firewall”.

Traditional stateful inspection firewalls, with their port- and protocol-based controls, have limited visibility into the contemporary Web-based network landscape. Thanks to the explosive popularity of Web 2.0, thousands of Web-based business and consumer apps and attacks are launched primarily through the application layer. Stateful inspection firewalls cannot distinguish what applications are passing via http and https over ports 80 and 443. Attackers have become adept at using low-and-slow techniques in targeted attacks that evade intrusion-prevention systems (IPS).

The article goes on to say

This is a fast-growing market, created when Palo Alto Networks appeared on the scene in 2007 with the capabilities and feature sets that characterize what are now known as next-gen firewalls. Most other firewall and unified threat management vendors have introduced, or are at least developing, network security products that provide fine-grained application and user controls in integrated, high-performance appliances.

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