Endpoint Security

Secure and protect the devices on your infrastructure to meet your organizational security standards

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is a fully integrated and automated solution for configuring and maintaining end user systems, applications and operating systems according to user roles and corporate policies – with full verification. BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is designed to allow IT operations staff to cost-effectively and securely update, patch, manage and maintain desktops, laptops and handheld devices across the entire enterprise – regardless of their location or network connectivity.

Business Challenge

To stay productive, today’s desktop and mobile users need to work from more places, using more devices and applications than ever before. As a result, end-user systems and their integration with IT environments have become increasingly complex and difficult to manage. The constant flow of employee changes, patches, applications, updates, and operating system upgrades burden already limited IT resources, resulting in increased maintenance costs and security risks.

The BMC Solution

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is a desktop, laptop, and mobile management solution that dramatically reduces IT costs and business risks by automating and verifying critical client management functions across the enterprise.

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation reduces the complexity and costs of managing desktops, laptops, and handheld devices, enabling enterprises to improve overall quality of service. With BMC BladeLogic Client Automation, IT departments can minimize repetitive administration tasks by defining policies that continuously enforce and verify automated client management functions, such as deploying and managing applications, migrating to new operating systems, deploying updates and patches, performing inventory scans, and tracking software usage.

Policy-based management lowers costs and improves quality of service

Through a tight integration with the BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Active Directory, LDAP, and other corporate repositories, administrators can assign policies directly to users, groups of users, or machines from their existing user databases.

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation automatically monitors and enforces continual compliance against thesepolicies. Additionally,theautomationcapabilitiesofBMCBladeLogicClientAutomationcan substantially reduce the human intervention required to manage client devices, making it possible to manage complex environments with very limited resources.

Extensive software title discovery lowers software costs

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation includes extensive software discovery capabilities that span both physical and virtual software applications. This software title discovery is a non-intrusive scan that allows administrators to identify the exact applications, or suites of applications that are loaded on end user machines, as well as how often those applications are used.

The solution also allows administrators to identify software license counts associated with each discovered software title. Both graphical and text-based license compliance reporting is available to all authorized administrators, showing installed versus licensed with graphical indicators of license compliance violations. This information can then be used to form the basis for new software policies aimed at harvesting unused software, thereby reducing IT’s annual software spend and mitigating risk of under-licensing.


  • Automatic discovery of all desktop, laptop and mobile devices – hardware, software, patches, and service packs – provides accurate inventory to Asset Managers
  • Software title discovery for all installed applications with comprehensive license compliance reporting and license harvesting helps reduce IT’s annual software spend
  • Policy-based management for software applications, security patches and configurations through a single, web-based interface ensures continual compliance enforcement
  • Advanced power settings management and compliance reporting reduces IT costs and promotes a lower carbon footprint
  • Extensive reporting capabilities allow administrators to extend the visibility of client assets into the business and provide insight into total cost of ownership for desktop and mobile devices
  • Sophisticated patch management encompassing OS, application, service packs and custom patches enforces continuous compliance and helps to mitigate potential risk

Coverage for all of your client platforms

Whether the client devices you manage are desktops, laptops or handheld devices running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or Windows Mobile, BMC BladeLogic Client Automation can discovery, manage, patch, and update them, regardless of how they connect to the corporate network. This helps to ensure that your organization’s client strategy management is all-encompassing and consistent, regardless of platform type.

An integral part of the overall BSM Strategy

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation has long supported the BMC Business Service Management (BSM) platform. From a discovery and Atrium CMDB perspective, the solution is considered a trusted data source with built-in reconciliation rules for populating the CMDB with complete client hardware, software and patch- related data.

From the standpoint of taking action, the solution is fully integrated with the BMC ITSM suite of products, including BMC Remedy Asset Management, for maintaining license counts, and BMC Remedy Change Management for automating the planning, approval and execution of change requests for software, patch and configuration settings deployment.

Part of a comprehensive Service Automation Solution

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is part of the BMC Service Automation product line and is key to providingsupportforbothstaticallyconnectedandroaming,mobileusers. Thesolutionhelpsreducethe cost and complexity of managing user devices through policy-based automation of software, patch, service pack and power settings management activities.

Like the other BMC Service Automation offerings, BMC BladeLogic Client Automation drastically reduces costs, improves quality of service and reduces business risks associated with managing a diverse population of distributed end users.

  • Reduce administrative costs and improve service levels by defining and enforcing continual compliance with policies
  • Reduce business risk through deployment of software updates, security patches and Windows service packs through an efficient, reliable, secure infrastructure that offers extremely high first-time hit rates for delivery
  • Help to support Green IT initiatives through effective PC power settings management
  • Increase visibility into the client ecosystem by taking advantage of extensive compliance enforcement and reporting
  • Ensure license compliance for both physical and virtual software assets and reduce overall software license costs

Lowest TCO, Fastest ROI

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation provides one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and fastest Return on Investment in market of client strategy management.

  • High hit-rate ensures lower risk, higher customer satisfaction, lower network costs, fewer client visits by technicians
  • Secure, reliable, efficient, highly- scalable infrastructure ensures that every client in the enterprise can be managed
  • Minimal infrastructure investment due to unique client- centric architecture reduces hardware costs and greatly increases number of managed clients per infrastructure component
  • Discovery of every client device can be performed daily to continuously ensure compliance to policy and to reduce IT costs and risks due to non-compliance