Endpoint Security

Secure and protect the devices on your infrastructure to meet your organizational security standards

BMC Server Automation is the industry-leading solution for automated management, control, and enforcement of server configuration changes in the data center. As part of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite, it provides a cross-platform solution for managing both physical and virtual assets — in the traditional data center and in the cloud.

Business Challenge

IT organizations today face numerous challenges, such as increasing complexity, cost-reduction mandates, compliance regulations, and pressure to be more responsive to business needs. Many IT organizations struggle to meet these challenges, and recognize that their current approaches are simply not going to allow them to be successful. Manual operations tend to be reactive, labor-intensive, prone to errors, and heavily reliant on highly skilled individuals. Even organizations that have invested in point solutions or homegrown, script-based approaches are recognizing their limits, and are instead looking for a comprehensive solution that addresses all their server management and compliance needs in a single, integrated platform.

The BMC Solution

Based on a unique architecture that integrates configuration automation and compliance assurance, BMC Server Automation enables IT organizations to implement a policy-based automation solution for managing their data centers, while also ensuring highest uptime for business-critical services. What’s more, as customers continue to adopt virtualization and cloud-based technologies, this solution provides a single platform for managing physical and virtual servers, across all major virtual platforms. Supported by a robust security model, it enables organizations to dramatically reduce operational costs, improve operational quality, and achieve operational compliance. The BMC solution addresses three main functional areas: configuration, provisioning, and compliance.


Configuration management tasks often make up the bulk of the activities performed in a data center, including patching, configuring, updating, and reporting on servers. BMC Server Automation, by shielding users from underlying complexity, enables consistency in change and configuration management activities. At the same time, subject to security constraints, it exposes sufficient detail about servers under management to ensure effective and accurate administrative activities.


  • Real-time and historical visibility into configurations and changes across Windows, Linux®, UNIX®, and all major virtualization platforms
  • Policy definitions for automated updates to patches, packages, and configurations
  • Integration with BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (for application discovery) and BMC
  • Application Release Automation (to accelerate application deployment)


With support for all leading operating systems, as well as the leading virtualization platforms, BMC Server Automation automates OS installation and configuration. It also provides the ability to choose the best mechanism for delivering that OS — from traditional unattended installs, to image-based provisioning, to template-based provisioning on virtualization platforms.


  • Full-stack, automated provisioning in both traditional and cloud-based data centers
  • Support for virtual template-based, image-based, and script-based provisioning


Most IT organizations are required to maintain their server configurations in compliance with some sort of policy, whether regulatory (SOX, PCI, or HIPAA), security (NIST, DISA, or CIS), or operational. BMC Server Automation helps IT organizations achieve and maintain compliance by defining and applying configuration policies. When a server or application configuration deviates from policy, the necessary remediation instructions are automatically generated and packaged, and can be either automatically or manually deployed on the server.


  • Configuration remediation through repair, rollback, or configuration updates » Integrated policy-exception documentation
  • Pre-configured compliance policies for regulatory and security standards

Add-On Functionality


The ability to quickly determine what was changed and by whom is critical to ensure adequate levels of compliance, availability, performance, and security. Through add-on functionality provided by BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation, BMC helps you understand how IT change impacts data center operations, performance, and quality — and how these changes affect the underlying business services supported by the server infrastructure. You gain immediate insight into wide-scale change occurring across the server infrastructure, coupled with the ability to drill-down to a granular level, helping you make informed business decisions and reducing the negative impact of failed changes.


  • Out-of-the-box and ad-hoc reports for compliance, inventory, provisioning, patch, and deployment
  • Consolidated virtualization reports across all hypervisor platforms
  • Complex reporting capabilities, such as pivot tables, trending, and data correlation, which go well beyond traditional charts and graphs
  • Role-based access control

Key Integrations

BMC Server Automation integrates with both the BMC Atrium CMDB and the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite. Bi-directional integration with the BMC Atrium CMDB is built-in, allowing administrators to make service-aware operational decisions, thus improving their effectiveness. Integration with the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite provides true closed-loop compliance, integrating an organization’s change management processes with its change execution.

Alignment with Best Practices

BMC Server Automation integrates and automates change, release, and configuration management processes across the entire change lifecycle, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual handoffs between groups. Out-of-the-box integration with change and release management streamlines the change process, reducing the risk of errors. Most important, the BMC solution automatically closes the loop on all changes, keeping the change management staff apprised of the status of changes and indicating the success or failure of change implementations.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce operational costs by automating manual and error- prone activities
  • Reduce service downtime through policy-based configuration management
  • Streamline service provisioning by consolidating and centralizing provisioning activities across all platforms
  • Manage physical, virtual, traditional, and cloud-based server resources from a single platform
  • Improve operational productivity by increasing server-to-admin ratio and securely sharing workload
  • Consistently enforce compliance with regulatory, security, and operational compliance policies
  • Improve security by reducing the time to remediate known vulnerabilities
  • Manage change activity by reporting on the “who, what, when, and where” of change — regardless of where it is initiated
  • Automate audit cycles with built- in compliance reports
  • Assess the impact of change on critical business services