Vulnerability Management

Identify the exploitable vulnerabilities that represent the greatest threat to your organization

Rapid7 NeXpose, which received the highest rating of “Strong Positive” in Gartner’s Marketscope for Vulnerability Assessment 2011, leverages one of the largest vulnerabilities databases to identify vulnerabilities that represent the greatest threat to your organization.

Identifying vulnerabilities across networks, operating systems, databases, Web applications and a wide-range of system platforms through an integrated, intelligent scan engine, Rapid7 NeXpose prioritizes vulnerabilities using exploit risk scoring and asset criticality ratings. As a result, NeXpose customers benefit from lower risk exposure and remediation costs.


Exploit Exposure

NeXpose leverages real exploit intelligence to perform risk classification so you can make informed decisions and focus resources on remediating the most critical vulnerabilities.

Accurate Scans

NeXpose scans and identifies vulnerabilities much like an attacker. As a result, false positives are very low.

Remediation Roadmap

NeXpose provides a risk-based remediation road map with detailed information reducing both operational costs and risk exposure.

Security Beyond Compliance

NeXpose offers policy templates and reporting to demonstrate compliance to key regulations (SOX, HIPAA, GLBA) and industry standards (PCI DSS) while reducing the likelihood of missing security gaps.

Customizable Reporting and Administration

Whether deployed as a software product, appliance, hosted or managed service, NeXpose administration and reporting features empower all stakeholders to take action.

Reduce your risk and lower your costs

By understanding how hackers operate, Rapid7 NeXpose reduce your risk exposure and lower your operational costs.

Top 3 reasons customers switch to NeXpose:

  • Reduce their vulnerability management cost of ownership
  • Fulfill regulatory compliance vulnerability assessment requirements
  • Lower their security risk posture